Before your first visit at R Family Chiropractic

  • We invite you to fill out the digital intake application 24 hours before your visit (see below).

Your First Visit at R Family Chiropractic

  • We strive to help you feel comfortable in our office!

  • When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our welcoming team.

  • One of our staff members or doctors will give you a unique tour of our office & answer any questions you may have.

  • We will then direct you to our consultation room, and your doctor will visit with you promptly.

Consultation and Exam

  • Your doctor will have a non-obligatory consultation with you in their office where you will be asked about your current health status and review the new health goals you have.

  • Then we will answer any questions you may have about Chiropractic care in our office, and what the next steps will be.

  • The doctor will then proceed into a Chiropractic neurological, musculoskeletal, and orthopedic examination. 

  • Depending on your consultation and examination findings, your doctor may schedule an additional visit for you to have chiropractic specific spinal X-Rays.

Doctor's Report

  • At this visit, you will go directly back to see your doctor. 

  1. We’ll discuss your consultation, exam & X-ray findings.

  2. We’ll give you our recommendations to care.

  3. We’ll provide tips and helpful hints to help you achieve your goal(s).

  4. Review the cost and what is included in your health plan before anything else is done.

  5. At this point, your doctor will proceed with your first chiropractic adjustment.