How do we quantify your spinal health & function?

Static Surface Electromyography (SEMG)

We use this NASA-Engineered technology to evaluate the relative levels of electrical activity associated with Vertebral Subluxation. This is a computerized spinal examination that allows us to quantify where there may be stress in the spine and disturbance to the nervous system

When a spinal bone (Vertebrae) is misaligned/fixated (Subluxated), the spinal nerves that exit between those bones can become irritated, leading to many negative effects. When those nerves are irritated, the communication from the brain to the body is altered by improper electrical impulses which can lead to poor health.

We know that when there is Vertebral Subluxation present, the muscles of the spine compensate to guard and protect the spine. When we adjust the spine, normal alignment and function will be restored, and the muscles and joints of the spine will now have an opportunity to rest and relax, allowing the nervous system to calm. We will re-scan your spine throughout your initial phase of corrective care to objectively show the progress that has been made on your road to wellness and maintenance care.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Ray.png

When it comes to your health, we never guess. Our digital X-Ray system allows us to take high quality images to see just how healthy the bones and joints of your spine really are. It also allows us to objectively measure where and how your spine needs to be adjusted.

When the joints of your spine lose proper motion and alignment, there can be evidence of excessive bone growth or spurs, degenerated joints and unhealthy bone.  By taking Chiropractic X-Rays we can rule out pathology, rule out lateral curvature or scoliosis and have certainty in knowing your spine is safe to adjust. 

"90% Of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain comes from movement of the spine." -Dr. Roger Sperry